Ritho Shares Dreamy Alt-Pop Statement ‘inside my head.’

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Alt-pop visionary Ritho returns with new single ‘inside my head.’ – tune in now.

Raised in Nottingham, Ritho turned inwards from a young age. Spending hours lost in his own head, this dreamy child became an imaginative adult, infusing his creativity with a real streak of originality.

Hazy alt-pop with some beautiful overtones, his work stands out from the crowd with its sheer individuality. Continuing a winning streak in 2023, Ritho returns with new single ‘inside my head.’ and it’s a sunshine-fuelled blast of alt-pop.

Neat electronic tones frame his melodies, while the lyrics act as a mini-manifesto – it’s about merrily losing yourself in your imagination. A dose of hallucinogenic programming, Ritho comments:

“I spend a lot of time in my own head as I prefer to create worlds for myself there than anything else, as it feels like the safest and most comfortable place to fit in.”

Tune in now.

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