Rina Sawayama’s ‘Catch Me In The Air’ Is Inspired

It was crafted alongside Stuart Price...

Rina Sawayama has shared her new single 'Catch Me In The Air'.

The new track is Rina at her most open, discussing the relationship children have with single parents, and that mutually supportive structure.

Inspired by her relationship with her own mother, 'Catch Me In The Air' finds Rina Sawayama digging deep.

She shares: "I really wanted to write about this weird relationship with single parents – you do catch each other in the air…"

Discussing the making of the song, Rina Sawayama praises the studio work with Stuart Price, a key figure in the evolution of British pop.

Rina says: "'Catch Me In The Air' was written in between lockdowns with Oscar Scheller and Gracey. I wanted the whole song to sound like it was on an Irish coastline, like a Corrs video. We put in a key change to go into the chorus, at the end of the pre-chorus to make it lift and soar like a bird."

"I then worked on it more with Clarence before taking it to Stuart Price. This was the first song that Stuart and I worked on together, and it was the most incredible experience. I'm such a huge fan of his work with Madonna and Kylie so it was a dream come true. We would send each other stock images of coastlines, people doing yoga on a pier, meditating in the middle of a field, hay bales, etc. to get inspired sonically."

Tune in now.

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