Ride’s Steve Queralt Confirms New Solo Project

Working alongside Michael Smith...

Ride’s Steve Queralt combines with Michael Smith on a new solo project.

The incoming EP focusses on Steve Queralt’s passion for left-field electronics, matching this to spoken word contributions from Michael Smith. Out shortly, it finds the Ride bass player exploring something new, more in line with Boards of Canada, say, or the post-rock of Mogwai.

Out on October 14th, the two were actually introduced through Andrew Weatherall, a chance meeting almost a decade ago. Spending time on new ideas, the pair began sending sketches to each other, building each song from the ground up.

“Michael’s voice has so much depth and character and I love his eye-rolling, withering view of the world,” Steve reveals. “The subject matter seemed to glue itself effortlessly to the music as if we’d been together writing in a studio working towards some grand concept.”

“Whatever Steve sent me just seemed to fit where my head was at,” Michael adds. “Slowly but surely, in those days when time seemed like a strange, amorphous smudge, the tracks emerged, with us sending them back and forth, refining them, getting them right.”

New track ‘Glitches’ is online now, and you can check it out below.

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