Ride Confirm Vinyl Re-Issues Of Their Early Material

It's coming later this year...

Ride will bring their early catalogue back to vinyl later this year.

The band are set to play their debut album 'Nowhere' in full on a select batch of UK shows this month, toasting the seminal LP's 30th birthday.

Later in the year, Ride will team up with Wichita Recordings for full vinyl re-issues of their early work.

Out on November 4th, the project includes 1990 debut album 'Nowhere', and its feted 1992 follow-up 'Going Blank Again'.

Alongside this, Ride will bring their first four EPs – Ride, 'Play', 'Fall', and 'Today Forever' – back into print as the double vinyl document '4 EPs'.

The beautiful gatefold packaging is augmented by a 16 page booklet featuring archives imagery and an essay by Sonic Cathedral’s Nathaniel Cramp.

The original sound recordings have been refined, with the catalogue also reaching digital and CD.

Ride's Andy Bell comments…

"We were really looking forward to getting out and touring the 30th anniversary of 'Nowhere' back in 2020. Then the pandemic hit and delayed our plans, but here we are in 2022 and we are still buzzing about getting out on the road, if anything, more so than before."

"We feel that 'Nowhere' is a debut album worth celebrating, and as well as the tour, we've decided to start pressing new editions of the vinyl from the original Ride era. The first batch not only includes 'Nowhere', but also 'Going Blank Again', and an album we’ve created out of the first '4 EPs'. This new album has given us a chance to create some new (but old school) Ride artwork, in conjunction with the team at Wichita, which we are pretty pleased with. We have also created a live film with Moment House of us performing 'Nowhere' it its entirety. It's filmed in as close a location as we could get to the site of the original recording session at Blackwing studios."

The new 'Nowhere' live film was crafted in collaboration with Moment House, and will premiere on October 28th.

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