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Rick Holland has reflected on 'Drums Between The Bells' - his recent collaboration with Brian Eno.

First crossing paths a decade ago, Rick Holland and Brian Eno began a lengthy period of collaboration. Stepping up their activities last year, the result is new album 'Drums Between The Bells'.

A mixture of the spoken word and music, it's adventurous use of poetry is quite unique in the careers of both artists. Receiving warm acclaim, 'Drums Between The Bells' is a complex yet accessible work which manages to allude to past work while still moving defiantly forward.

Speaking to ClashMusic, Rick Holland reflected on his experiences with Brian Eno. Constructed piecemeal over a number of years, each track on 'Drums Between The Bells' seemingly has a distinct origin.

“It’s quite easy to waffle and sound pretentious when talking about this but every single track was a different organism. They all happened differently – very differently” the poet said.

“The main pattern was that I would go in with some words I had been working on and we would lay down a vocal, either with a vocalist or one of us. Then he would build a track around it. Occasionally he would have some music that he was working on and I would write something around that.”

Continuing, the writer recalled one of Brian Eno's more idiosyncratic moments. "There was even an occasion when I left him a whole pile of notes in his studio, forgot all about it and then about two and a half years later he sent me something through" he said.

"He just picked something from the booklet I had left and that resulted in ‘Bless This Space’. I had nothing whatsoever to do with ‘Bless This Space’ other than writing the words at the very start.”

Released earlier this week, 'Drums Between The Bells' utilises different voices for each piece. "The first kind of major revelation to me was that the reading was more than an entity in itself, it was a collection of things which could then be made into something different” Holland explained.

“Some of the voices, I guess my kind of instincts or prejudices meant that some of the voices I wouldn’t have liked just as voices reading a poem. Not in this context. My natural instinct was to flinch a little at them. I learned through this that some voices have a lot of potential and when added to certain sounds can add to the meaning rather than detract from it. I was manoeuvred into a place that I didn’t know very well but I was happy to do it.”

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'Drums Between The Bells' is out now.

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