Recorded with Old Man Diode...
The King Krill

Rick Holland has teamed up with Dalston producer Old Man Diode for new album 'The King Krill'.

Well known as a writer, Rick Holland's involvement with Brian Eno on 'Drums Between The Bells' in 2011 exploded his ideas of what language could be used for. Since then, the poet has embarked on a number of unusual ventures, challenging himself with a series of left field collaborations.

Now Rick Holland has unveiled a new album. 'The King Krill' is a complete collaboration with Dalston based Old Man Diode, who helped recruit extra producers during recording sessions. Containing contributions from Chris James, Onnallee and multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Andrew Plummer, 'The King Krill' was given a digital release earlier today (March 26th).

Set to be available on vinyl from April 25th, it's a fascinating work which features two quite distinct artists uncovering common ground. 'Open Blue' features Beth Rowley, whose voice is used as an instrument in its own right. Old Man Diode's arrangement is subtle, leaving plenty of space for the singer to flesh out Rick Holland's words.

Om Unit recently stepped in on remix duties, and the results are really quite something. Add a sense of bass weight to proceedings, the producer leaves the vocal alone - focussing on the arrangement, Om Unit is seemingly able to impact new meanings onto Rick Holland's work.

Listen to it now.

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'The King Krill' is out now.


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