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Brooklyn polymath Richard Orofino returns with new single 'Fake Me'.

A rising pop force who twists music tropes to suit his own agenda, Richard Orofino adds vivacious vitality to everything he touches.

New single 'Fake Me' is a moody return, all 80s leaning synths and pulsating 808s.

Lyrically, he's playing with elements of identity, teasing apart contradictory forces within the psyche.

He says: "'Fake Me' is about your own doppelganger. The self-punishing evil twin that constantly tries to convince you that what you believe to be truthful about yourself, is wrong. I live in this dilemma a lot, where I have some sort of issue involving myself and then decide to confide in myself only to find I’m my own biggest enemy."

"This self-doubting twin of mine who lives in my head, always tries to tell me to do things for other people. 'Give other people what they want, and you will find yourself in a successful position.' Rather than creating and working on something that I most definitely love and feels personal, be that image of what you expect other people to respond to."

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Nicolas Bruno

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