Get to know this Japanese-born artist...

Rié Fu knew that she had to change.

Born in Japan, her innate talent saw her sign to a major label, but the relationship didn't quite progress as she had hoped.

Packing her things and flying to the UK, when she landed she was independent, and already working on something new.

Introducing fresh organic elements into her work, Rié Fu peeled back the layers of her songwriting, becoming a little more personal in the process

New song 'Mirror' is an exquisite return, the mixture of acoustic instruments and digital production making for something incredibly beguiling.

Prompted by her life in the suburbs of Surrey, there's a soothing element to Rié Fu's work which is born from the comfort of her new surroundings.

She says that 'Mirror' is "a song which is organic and in tune with nature, inspired by the British daily rituals seen from a foreignerʼs perspective."

"A mirrored image of the everyday-life; Emancipation and seclusion, connection and isolation, conformity and idiosyncrasy... the chorus line 'I see you reflecting me' representing the contrasting elements. The dynamic uplift of the chorus is definitely the highlight of my new album."

Tune in now.

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