REUNIØN Share Lush, Moving ‘Over The Moon’

Tune in now...

REUNIØN went searching for perspective.

The duo – Eliot James and Jon Green – needed to take a step back, and decided to use music, and songwriting, as a means to achieve that.

'Over The Moon' is what emerged. Lush, moving musicality, the song is imbued with incredible emotion, poured into that dulcet melody.

A song about renewal, and learning to be objective, 'Over The Moon' offers a respite from the world's troubles.

“It's about that feeling you get when you meet someone and everything kind of comes into focus, it becomes about them and vice versa. It’s about that butterfly feeling but the greatest kind- the ones that make us feel weightless and like anything is possible”, explains REUNIØN. “There’s also an image astronauts took, looking back at the Earth from the moon as the sun rose across it. This song is also about getting that perspective, seeing the beauty in things and what’s really important.”

The video uses early cinema footage, pieced together to create something new; surreal and oddly moving, 'Over The Moon' has a unique atmosphere to it.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Sonya Jasinski

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