Resilience Shares Drill Hard-Hitter ‘Scar’

A release valve from the Connecticut-based rapper...

Connecticut-based Resilience has shared new single ‘Scar’ in full.

The drill spitter has an icy flow, combined with a deft ear for production. Remaining ahead of the pack, the Korean-American artist has built a community around him, a series of like-minds that advance and augment his own creativity.

Take new single ‘Scar’. A song with barely contained venom, it finds Resilience pouring his negative emotions out on to record. Letting the tape role, the sinister melodies add an air of paranoia to his songwriting, joined by some special guests.

Reminiscent of Pop Smoke at times, there are also shades of Eminem’s super-fast flow in the work; Resilience is joined on ‘Scar’ by close collaborators Boomer1x and E Hitta.

Resilience comments…

“’Scar’ was a release valve for our aggression and anger instead of taking it to the street, we hope the listener can relate.”

Tune in now.

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