Reclusive songwriter reported to have passed away...

Reports are coming in that Talk Talk founder Mark Hollis has died.

The iconoclastic songwriter grew up in North London, coming of age as punk and new wave billowed out across the capital.

Initially forming The Reaction, the band's sole single was unsuccessful, leading Hollis to split the group.

Gathering a new set of collaborators, Talk Talk were formed in 1981 and swiftly gained a deal with EMI.

Finding fame as part of the early 80s synth pop movement, the band's art-house tendencies swiftly took them to the left field.

Mark Hollis broadened the group's scope until it shattered resulting in stunning works such as 1988's 'Spirit Of Eden' and post-rock forebear 'Laughing Stock'.

Moving between pop, modern classical, and elements of free jazz, Talk Talk disbanded in 1992 with Mark Hollis largely withdrawing from view.

A single solo LP followed in 1998, while the songwriter's longing for secrecy found him asking UNKLE to remove his credit from their 'Psyence Fiction' LP.

Due Mark Hollis' ongoing retirement from music there is difficult verifying reports of his passing through official channels - however a number of artists and songwriters who were previously close to the Talk Talk founder have paid their respects.


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