Rejoice! Johnny Foreigner Are Back!

With a new album, no less...

Much-loved indie pop combo Johnny Foreigner are back after a prolonged absence from our lives.

The four-piece shuttered in 2016 followed an excellent run, becoming a by-word in independent integrity. Re-convening for a reunion show in 2011, Johnny Foreigner seemingly had a new album completed, only to deem it not up to their standards.

Hitting the studio once more, Johnny Foreigner are ready to unleash new music on an unsuspecting world. New album ‘How To Be Hopeful’ is out on September 13th, with preliminary set ‘the sky and sea were part of me, or I was part of them’ due physically on June 12th – the Digital release is out now.

In a note, Johnny Foreigner explain…

This release is 28 months past deadline; our timing has always sucked. But honestly we’ve had little choice; How to be Hopeful is a pure product of chaos magic. It compelled us to be made, to harness returning ripples of stones long since thrown. It felt way too significant, too personal, too full of moments worth savouring and patterns playing out, to rush. Also, we are old and have real jobs now.

Later in the statement, the four-piece note:

This is our celebration record, our fell-in-love-and-stopped-worrying album, the glowing cathartic coda that we couldn’t help but channel.

So, check out ‘the sky and sea were part of me, or I was part of them’ below.

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