It's a wistful, electronic leaning cover...

Reema has always shied away from releasing covers.

After all, she hardly needs to; a highly productive Berlin based talent, her own work speaks clearly on her behalf.

But a few songs return to her again and again, more like memories than actual pieces of music.

Developing a close relationship with The Kinks catalogue, Reema has always been fascinated by their hit 'Sunny Afternoon'.

Her wistful take on the original is an electronic leaning re-work, with the soothing vocal containing pangs of poignancy.

"'Sunny Afternoon' was actually the first song I learned to play when I was a kid," she explains. "I had a 'Best Of The Kinks' album that I played to death and a 'Kinks' songbook; I think I even had a badge..."

"I don’t usually do covers and this is actually the first time I’ve recorded one, but a really lovely friend of mine in Berlin, Anja, said she'd love to hear me do a version of the song. This led to a jam between myself and an incredible producer and friend, Catcilla. He wrote a beautiful chord progression and after a couple of glasses of wine, I sang the song."

"We loved the performance because it reminded us of the atmosphere of that afternoon – apt, I know – and so Catcilla polished it into the track it is now, while maintaining the ethos of the original recording."

Tune in now.

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