rEDOLENT Share New Single ‘nothing bad will ever happen to me’

"It’s a tongue in cheek, wink at fate..."

Leith five-piece rEDOLENT have shared new single ‘nothing bad will ever happen to me’.

The band’s debut EP landed last year, merging left-field ideas with a clear pop touch. In thrall to melody, rEDOLENT’s sense of expression was more inclined towards Radiohead abstraction, while leaving an openness to their sound.

Clash writer Jamie Wilde explored rEDOLENT’s aesthetic practise in-depth for their debut EP, with the band now ready to step forwards.

Out now on Post Electric, new single ‘nothing bad will ever happen to me’ has that post-club feel, when carefree conversations lead to strange places. A song about tension and release, the lyrics revel in weekend freedom, with the nagging anxiety that Monday is just around the corner.

With a subversive tint to their vocal, rEDOLENT sing: “minimum wage / a flat-warming party / don’t want to get carried away / but my despair might be lifting…”

The band’s Robin Herbert explains…

It’s about the contrast between the lows of weekday factory work and the highs of real life at the weekend. It’s a tongue in cheek, wink at fate. The laughable words of your inner child, during the good times, written down and said out loud. “Nothing bad will ever happen to me again”, even though you know pain is right around the corner, and you’re going back to work on Monday.”

Photo Credit: rEDOLENT

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