It's a rich return, one weighed down by a sense of history and tradition...

Red River Dialect have always ploughed their own furrow, with each album taking them to deeper and deeper levels, far beneath the soil.

New album 'Abundance Welcoming Ghosts' then, is something to be welcomed. Out on September 27th, it was recorded in a rural studio in Southwest Wales, and sessions ended with singer David Morris moving to a remote Buddhist monastery in Nova Scotia.

A rich, fulsome, lyrical experience, 'Abundance Welcoming Ghosts' finds the band's ragged, intense Americana rooted in the weight of history, with each song feeling torn from Victorian newspaper reports.

'Snowdon' is online now, fusing the band's more playful side, so evocative and so light, with David Morris' tangled, exploratory lyricism.

Guest starring Joan Shelley, it uses as its foundation the tales and legends about the Welsh mountain.

David Morris explains more...

The highest mountain in Wales is called Snowdon in English, deriving from the Old English for ‘snow hill’, whilst the older Welsh name Yr Wyddfa means “the barrow” or “the tumulus”.

It is said that this was derived over time from Gwyddfa Rhitta, Rhitta’s Tomb, because the giant Rhitta Gawr lays buried there having been slain by King Arthur; not before he had gobbled up all the local sheep, killed two dozen Welsh kings and had woven an immense cape from all of the beards he had shorn them of.

I grew up a few miles from Tintagel Castle in Cornwall and have an abiding affection for claims that this was THE Camelot, and that Arthur and Merlin were clearly Cornish, and not from Wales, as other tales tell, and definitely not from Somerset.

Tune in now.

'Abundance Welcoming Ghosts' will be released on September 27th.

Photo Credit: Jimmy Robertson

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