Check out the "dream-like" video...
Rebekah Fitch

Rebekah Fitch channels some deep emotions when she writes.

Using music as a means to both focus and express her feelings, the songwriter touches on some uncomfortable, sometimes even painful moments.

New single 'Need To Feel' is part of this music-as-therapy instinct, rising to that crisp, exuberent chorus, almost demanding more of herself with each note.

We're able to share the full video, with its vivid colour transforming Rebekah by tapping into her unconscious. She explains:

"The visuals are based on a dream-like sequence - an alternate reality to portray the instability of the mind. Strong colours and unnatural lighting, yet in comfortable, familiar places gives a sense of unease, an almost nightmarish parallel. We filmed it at my house and my Grandma’s living room. Places that I know well."

"Even though I struggle, as many do, I find it so hard to open up about it," she continues. "So this was my way of doing so. I wanted to be really honest. I’m so conscious that I only share the good things about my life online, but that just creates a false representation of reality, that your days are a continuous list of good news and joyful events. I don’t have it all together, I find a lot of things really difficult, and a lot of things I try to do aren’t successful."

Finishing, Rebekah adds: "We filmed the middle, spoken section almost like a therapy session, raw and honest. It snaps out of this dream and shows me struggling to voice these feelings in the real world, rather than how they normally stay bottled up in my head, like the rest of the video visually represents."

Tune in now.

Catch Rebekah Fitch at American Madness in Belfast on November 29th.

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