Kinks Star Argues With George Lamb

British musical legend Ray Davies has argued on air with BBC 6Music presenter George Lamb today (September 30th) with the radio star calling Davies an "old guffer".

Ray Davies lead the utterly fantastic Kinks for over 30 years, producing countless classics along the way. Experimenting with unusual songwriting techniques he remains one of the most influential men in the history of British music - The Kooks recorded their album 'Konk' in his personal studio.

Despite the obvious gravitas of Davies' musical persona - there are few more respected men alive in music today - Lamb chose to ask the singer questions such as "Are you bald?" and "What's your favorite vowel?".

Lamb, who already has a prominent hate-lobby amongst music fans who have even organized a petition to get him off the air, carried on - presumably with a genuine disregard for his own health.

Davies claimed the line was poor, and offered to phone him back. The presenter played mercurial Kinks classic 'Waterloo Sunset', before explaining that Davies didn't want to finish the interview. What interview? Doesn't seem like an interview to us.

The DJ then laid into the singer throughout the show. At one point Lamb referred to Ray Davies' notoriously bad relationship with his brother, saying that it would "come back to you and you might die a horrible death".

Oh dear. Where's that petition again?

Click here to see the petition to get George Lamb off 6Music

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