Raveena Announces New Album ‘Asha’s Awakening’

It's out on February 11th...

Raveena will release her new album 'Asha's Awakening' on February 11th.

The left-field R&B queen matches her deep heritage with a future-facing take on what soul music means in the 21st century, resulting in a singular catalogue.

2019 debut album 'Lucid' was absolutely stunning, and she's spent time sculpting a follow up.

Out on February 11th, 'Asha's Awakening' finds Raveena raising the levels yet again, pursuing deeply personal aims.

New single 'Secret' is stunning, a wonderful return that blends evocative, scented production with a killer vocal.

Vince Staples guests, and the LA rapper adds something totally different to the mix. Raveena comments…

“To me, 'Secret' is a song about love that traverses through different dimensions. People on Earth are starting to have sensual dreams ignited in them by a space princess – someone they feel like their body knows, but whom they also do not know and cannot reach in this dimension. What if your lover was enticing you from space and you couldn’t reach them in this realm? What if a spirit from an outer dimension ignited your sacral chakra? This is what 'Secret' explores.”

A solitary auteur, Raveena directs the video herself, accessing Asha's alien-like realm – tune in now.

Photo Credit: Furmaan Ahmed

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