Rainy Miller Launches New Project ‘DESQUAMATION (Fire, Burn. Nobody)

It marks a creative pivot from the North West artist...

Rainy Miller will release new project ‘DESQUAMATION (Fire, Burn. Nobody)’ in November.

The North West figure has built a singular catalogue, with murky electronic ambience being punctured by his unique vocals. This new project finds Rainy Miller pivoting once more, introducing fresh elements alongside key collaborators.

Out in November via HEAD II – the imprint attached to vital Salford venue The White Hotel – ‘DESQUAMATION (Fire, Burn. Nobody)’ includes contributions from peers such as Blackhaine, Rose A, and Moseley.

Rainy Miller introduces the project with a note…

The project spanned a time in which I felt stifled and uninspired, in the music I was making, hearing, and culture in general. I had fallen out of love with writing music. Searching for inspiration, and the world as we knew it, had come to a standstill. I felt entirely lost and uncertain with the position I’d found myself in, as a creative, in competition with myself, and coming to terms with the pillars of the music industry.

The first act of Desquamation became a psychological shedding of the rituals and patterns I’d fallen into whenever I came to make music. I had to shed the competitive desire to create “the best”, or to create with the intent of success. I wasn’t sure if I was creating honestly and in a way unique to myself, or whether I was just being imprinted on by all the culture I was consuming. Surmising it as a way to jump start my belief that I was destined to be something special or chosen. I had to learn to rid myself of the initial layer of objectivity as a musician, and embrace entire subjectivity as a creative entity. This project helped me form new capabilities within sonics I hadn’t played with before, it brought comfort when using sounds that channeled my emotion, the sonics I actually felt mirrored the things I wanted to say, and how I wanted to speak them. Desquamation, while not quite opening the box, definitely began by putting the key in the lock.

The second act of Desquamation came in a way in which I think I will always find necessary. The shedding of a skin that will continue to grow back. The symbiosis within me of creativity, amassed with struggle or pain. Music and art to me are a means to expel inner trauma and issue. Following Limbs, I had a realisation that I needed that same darkness or pain, in order to fuel my creativity. I found it difficult to write music without the need of catharsis.  I need the feeling of a desire to cleanse myself, to believe I can extrapolate from within, and create moments and pieces of art that carry the context of my own life.”

Lead single ‘Misery Is As Misery Does’ is online now – a powerful, vital offering, it carries a raw intensity.

Photo Credit: Callan Dooly

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