The world has gone insane

American rap metal titans Rage Against The Machine could be propelled to Christmas number one thanks to an internet campaign.

2009 has been a year beset by almost unprecedented financial strife. Amid the choas caused by the collapse of the American sub prime market banks across the planet felt a bead of sweat drip down the shallow of their necks.

Bailed out by world governments to the tune of billions, the financial system is still creaking on the verge of collapse with investments in Dubai left exposed after numerous economic difficulties in the region.

Enter Rage Against The Machine. Fans tired of the stranglehold taken by X Factor over the Christmas number one slot in Britain have commenced a campaign to place the incendiary metal giants at the top of the charts.

A Facebook group set up to propel 'Killing In The Name Of' to number one has attracted over 45,000 members. Rapidly gathering momentum, fans have asked people to buy the track on December 13th - the day that this year's X Factor track becomes available.

Rage Against The Machine reformed in 2007, playing a series of earth shattering shows. The band have not commented on the campaign to place them at number one, with the rap metal giants currently inactive.

Although not yet confirmed, many reports have suggested that this year's X Factor winner is set to release a cover of Miley Cyrus' 'The Climb' as their Christmas single.

This time last year a similar campaign propelled Jeff Buckley back into the charts. Fans offended by Alexandra Burke's limp version of 'Hallelujah' mass-bought the late singer's version, reaching number two in the process.

This year's Christmas Number One single will be announced on December 20th.

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