Complete with a note from the band

Radiohead are selling off one of the guitars used on the sessions which became 'Kid A'.

With their immense media profile it's often easy to forget that Radiohead are simply normal people. Recently approached by a fan in need, the Oxford group decided to help in any way possible.

The Billie Butterfly Fund is a new charity aiming to raise funds for young Billie Bainbridge. From the charity's website: "Until the beginning of July 2011, Billie Bainbridge was like any other 4-year old child, full of life and looking forward to starting school in Exeter in September. Then without warning she was diagnosed with an inoperable form of brain stem cancer. There is no known cure for Billie’s type of cancer. As if this wasn’t bad enough Billie’s Mum, Terri, has breast cancer."

"A Trust has been established in Billie’s name and a website and fundraising campaign set up by friends of Billie and her family to raise funds for her treatment in America. Any money that is not used by the trust towards her treatment will go directly to research into child brain cancer."

Hearing of the family's struggle, Radiohead guitarist Ed O'Brien decided to get involved. The musician donated an irreplaceable guitar, used during the recording sessions for 'Kid A' and 'Amnesiac'.

Including a note of authenticity, each member of Radiohead has signed the instrument. The note reads:

"To whoever ends up with this Tele...
It was bought in the summer of '98, just prior to us going into record the albums which came out as Kid A and Amnesiac. It was pretty much the only guitar I used at that time. It's also been gigged a lot, up until and including the In Rainbows tour.
Hope you enjoy it - all the best
Ed O'Brien"

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To bid on the guitar click HERE. Check the photos below...

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