Download Only LP Released

Midway through a celebrated British tour, Radiohead have paused for breath in time for the release of new live album "In Rainbows - From The Basement" to be released on download today (June 27th).

The legendary band are currently cresting on an astonishing wave of critical approval. Radiohead released their new album "In Rainbows" on a pay-what-you-like scheme late last year, and their eco-friendly tour has won them plaudits from all corners. The band are currently blowing minds on a tour of the UK, but have paused in order to release a live album.

Recorded in a genuine basement at The Hospital, Covent Garden, "In Rainbows - From The Basement" was produced by long term Radiohead collaborator Nigel Godrich and features ten tracks from their latest album "In Rainbows".

The album is available on iTunes, and features video content allowing the viewer to watch the action unfold.

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