Thom Yorke's late partner passed away on December 18th...

Radiohead have dedicated 'OKNOTOK' to "the memory of Dr. Rachel Owen".

The album brings together 'OK Computer' and its offcuts for a 20th anniversary celebration, with the material seeming to be more relevant than ever.

Thom Yorke's partner Dr. Rachel Owen passed away on December 18th last year, following a battle with cancer - they had been together for more than 23 years, and had two children together.

A renowned academic, the band pay their respects on the vinyl edition of 'OKNOTOK' - as NME points out.

The dedication reads: "This re-issue is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Rachel Owen (1968-2016) who died after a long and brave battle with cancer. We hope you are OK. Thank you for listening."

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