QUINQUIS Shares Startling New Track ‘ADKROG’

And there's much more to come...

Breton multi-disciplinary artist QUINQUIS has shared her potent new track 'ADKROG'.

The artist previously released under the name Tiny Feet, but recently decided to overhaul her sound and approach, with QUINQUIS paying homage to her family history.

A fresh slate, then, and new release 'ADKROG' – which translates as 'start again' – is the perfect point of departure.

Matching luminous electronics to drifting sonic textures, 'ADKROG' revolves around that digital pulse, encouraging us to view it from several different angles.

QUINQUIS comments…

“It's about finding the energy in environment and nature. When I was feeling desperate, I sat outside and I prayed for nature to give me some answers. This song is about that – if you just let go then nature gives you an answer.”

Murat Gökmen directs the full video, with QUINQUIS adding:

"Murat’s video is the counterpoint to the track. When the mind is stuck indoors, it starts looking for an answer from the outdoors…"

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Richard Duma

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