Quinn Oulton’s ‘Better’ Finds Solace In Music

The South London artist returns...

South London all-rounder Quinn Oulton has shared his new single 'Better'.

A producer, songster, and vocalist, Quinn Oulton's music brings together the various threads of his artistry.

Fragmented R&B dipped into aspects of electronica, his soulful approach aims at some form of connection.

His incoming album is a conduit for relationships, but the closest relationship Quinn Oulton has in his life is perhaps music itself.

It's something he muses on with new single 'Better', a rumination that allows him space to absorb the intimacy of the act of songwriting.

An impressive return, the keening vocal moves from the shadows to the forefront. Quinn comments…

“My album ‘Alexithymia’ dissects events from different relationships, whether family, friends, or romantic, presented as a single story from start to finish. Obsession, frustration, passion, false hope, grief, self-pity, helplessness, and acceptance are all part of this story. I wrote it in this way because I was trying to work out why I connect so much with sad or melancholic music, and I realised that maybe listening to that music was filling a hole that I didn’t know I had.”

“It was comforting to hear somebody process their own troubles outwardly when I didn't feel I had a way, or even a reason, to do so myself. Writing the album has been an extremely therapeutic process as I've been able to seek out difficult parts of my life that I'd buried because I couldn't process them at the time.”

Tune in now.

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