Queens Of The Stone Age To Reform?

Josh Homme turns down Oliveri offer

Nick Oliveri has revealed that he recently attempted to re-join Queens Of The Stone Age.

Queens Of The Stone Age are one of the definitive rock bands of their generation. Rarely has living outside the law seemed so glamorous, so thrilling as on seminal albums such as 2000’s ‘Rated R’.

Re-issued last year, Queens Of The Stone Age in 2011 are literally a different beast from a decade ago. Nick Oliveri played bass on ‘Rated R’ before a series of rows with singer Josh Homme led to his departure.

The pair had known each other for years, having performed in cult stoner gods Kyuss. Exiting Queens Of The Stone Age back in 2004, the bass player recently revealed that the pair have patched things up.

One of alt rock’s great rifts, Josh Homme and Nick Oliveri appeared to have severed their friendship. Speaking to UGO, the bass player explained that he has even recorded in Homme’s studio recently.

Apparently on good terms, Oliveri attempted to re-join the band for one song recently. Watching Queens Of The Stone Age perform in Los Angeles, the bass player approached Homme.

“I was down there and I mentioned to them, ‘Why don’t I come up and do ‘Millionaire’ or something, and sing it and not play bass?’ He (Homme) was like, ‘Nah, I don’t think that’s a good idea yet’.”

Queens Of The Stone Age are currently on down time, following a series of side projects. The group have been focussing on their early material, with their cult debut album recently gaining a re-issue.

Issued through Domino in the UK, ‘Queens Of The Stone Age’ is a fascinating transition between desert rock and the finished product.

Meanwhile, Nick Oliveri is focussed on his previous group. Touring without founder member Josh Homme, the reformed Kyuss have been performing under the name Kyuss Lives! for a series of live shows.

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