"It’s super–fucked up..."

Pusha T has publicly spoken about the Kanye West and Kid Cudi feud.

Pusha T's new album 'It's Almost Dry' is out now, with production being split evenly between Ye and Pharrell.

Harking back to pivotal moments in his catalogue - Pharrell co-produced the seminal Clipse LP 'Hell Hath No Fury' - the rapper emerges with something dynamic and nuanced, as well as thriving on immediacy.

The record inadvertently found itself in the centre of a personality war, however, with Kanye and Cudi sparring on one track.

Ye previously blocked Kid Cudi from appearing on 'Donda 2', reportedly due to Cudi's friendship with Pete Davidson.

Calling Kanye a "fuckin dinosaur" Kid Cudi then told fans:

Speaking to Vulture, Pusha T called the situation "super-fucked up".

He said: “It fucking sucks. You know Cudi is my fucking brother to the end. Just navigating these relationships, this brotherhood, the arguing… it gets public...”

Pusha T added: “It’s one thing for us to argue. We all argue – that’s not a problem. It gets out there, whether it’s Ye bickering first, or Cudi coming back with what he says. It’s super–fucked up.”

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Photo Credit: Anna Victoria Best

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