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The Moons have opened up to ClashMusic about their idea of the great British pop songs.

The Moons place themselves very deliberately in a certain lineage. Listening to the band, you can hear shades of Pete Townshed, echoes of Ray Davies and screeching feedback from Paul Weller.

New album 'Fables Of History' drops on September 24th, with the band promising another dose of music influenced by the great British pop song. Intrigued, Clash asked Andy Crofts to tell us exactly what the band mean by that.

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In my eyes the great British pop song is all about connecting with the people. I like the idea of the song being heartfelt and and true. I personally look up to the great songwriters such as Ray Davies who mastered the British pop song and wrote lyrics observing the everyday goings on in our country. When Arctic Monkeys arrived, Alex Turner was another one who was observing and connecting with the youth. I like that! The Moons song, English Summer is a song we can all connect to and a social comment that the average British person talks about everyday. Its not just about observing though, its about the sound and feel. It can be any subject.

Songs such as The Kinks - Waterloo Sunset, The Jam - Down In The Tube Station At Midnight, Squeeze - Up The Junction, The La's - There She Goes, The Libertines - Time For Heroes are perfect examples of true songwriting to me.

The British Pop song will always be here. It may find it hard to surface through all of the short lived riffs/fame and plastic of today, but a good song is a good song and will always shine. Long live the songwriter!

Andy Crofts
The Moons

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Here's 'Jennifer (She Sits Alone)'.

'Fables Of History' drops on September 24th.

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