Here's a few acts to catch at the Oslo event...

If you’ve not yet managed to enter festival oblivion, this year’s ØYA line up is sure to finally get you there.

As Tøyenparken once again is transformed form idyllic city get-away-ground to Norway’s most attractive musical hotspot, Clash takes a look at this year’s program to ensure that you catch the most exciting acts.

So without further ado, here is a few acts, both locally scoured talent, and international … that you definitely should look out for.

- - -

Julien Baker

If you feel like having your heart broken in the most beautiful way Julien Baker is definitely an artist worth checking out. With her gripping ballads, she illuminates a path through life’s many hardships, tackling subjects such as depression and loneliness as well as sexuality and faith.

Her sprawling, raw musical vision might make the hairs on your arms raise with the intimacy that clinging to every word. Through a cohesive narrative, a hell-bent will to confront as well as evoke emotion, Baker gives you something you didn’t even know you needed.

Taking to the Vindfruen stage, Wednesday at 3.55 pm, we’ll get to witness her immersive songwriting skills up close.

- - -

Rex Orange County

What better bliss than to be washed over with sun-tinged oblivion? With his summery chords and bittersweet nostalgia Alexander O'Connor aka Rex Orange County is just the act you’d want to enjoy on a hazy summer afternoon.

Balancing the tight rope between the ever so loveable slacker pop and the more refined R&B-esque landscape, Rex Orange County is an artist with quite a few surprises up his sleeves. His musical talent and flowery arrangements never fails to keep an audience on a tight rope, as he delicately navigates through a hot pot of influences and unexpected twists and turns.

Rex Orange County is set to play Sirkus, Wednesday at 7:30pm.

- - -


The Aussie group might at first be written off as Tame Impala’s dorky little cousin. Though, whilst it is true the bands shares more similarities than just members, Pond have definitely proven they really stand firmly on their own.

The group’s liking of pushing musical boundaries, of ever so slightly bending the rules, have made them a psych act with an unusually current gaze. Pond are as mad as they’re mesmerising.

So, with all the psychedelic swagger in the world they serve everything from reverb-dredged shoegaze dreams to glossy pop-fuels anthems, always with a little twist, that is forever making them just so exciting.

Pond is set to play Fortum on Thursday at 4:50pm.

- - -

Fontaines DC

At first Fontaines DC might have seemed like a bit of an odd booking for ØYA. However, rumours of their swaggering punk shows have proceeded them, amping up the anticipation before their Norwegian debut.

With an idiosyncratic, highly driven rhythm section and smearing guitars Fontaines CD is not only a highly technically interesting act. Their abilities to capture audiences, lulling them into the half-dystopian illusions of their world is remarkable.

This is also credited to a vocalist that dictates the show’s every move, seemingly with his mere presence, as he barks ceremoniously along the musical backdrop. Though this all may sound odd, it’s really an intensely interesting experience, and one you’ll definitely be lucky to have – or so we hope.

Fontaines DC will play the Fortum at 6:45pm, Thursday.

- - -

Christine and the Queens

If there is one pop act that most accurately represent the sentiment of the time, it’s Chris. With her sleek gleaming pop tunes, the French extraordinaire seems set on a mission to break every rule, line by line.

And frankly, the seductive French disco vibes have never felt more earnest. With her crew of meticulously choreographed dancers, Chris gives every lyrical twist a sense of physicality. From sombre solitude to heated passion, Chris never fails to give the audience an insight into her many characteristics. Chris is unapologetic, bold and perhaps one of the best show acts you could catch this summer.

Christine and the Queens are set to play the main stage, Amfiet, at 6:45 on Friday.

- - -


The Norwegian hip-hop scene has seen a huge revival over the past few years. With young, ambitious acts eager to show off their potential, it’s perhaps hard to stand out. However, Safario is one to watch as he paves his way through the ever-changing hiphop terrain. With his funk-fused goofball tunes and playful yet sharp lyrics, Safario seem to take the good with the bad. He’s an artist that seems to be comfortably surfing the hip-hop waves as though there was never a rainy day. And we’re all about that beamingly positive attitude.

His gigs are just about as bouncy and energetic as his tracks, and good vibes seems mandatory. So if you just want to have a really good time, and maybe even jump around a little, Safario is playing Sirkus at 3:55 pm on Friday.

- - -


Some artists just make music that is so forceful you cannot help to but to be immediately immersed into the complex universe of their artistic vision. Fakethias is one of these artists. The Norwegian techno-pioneer, who recently released one of the springs most evoking ambient EP’s is set to cast his spells at ØYA.

With music that forces itself upon the listener so profoundly, the experience is more visceral than anything, Fakethias moves forward with a tangible urge to be experienced.

Fakethias’ll play at Klubben on Friday at 3.55 pm.

- - -


The last time slowthai visited Oslo, he almost brought the club down with him. So, to catch him in the safe outdoors seems to be a golden opportunity. Speaking brutally and unflinching about the polarising political landscape, the right, wrongs and don’t of the world, slowthai’s music is very much needed. With a sense of urgency wrapped in satirical stabs he captures the essence of a generation, giving his audience every reason to resonate with his work.

His debut, 'Nothing Great About Britain', blew up a storm, and Slowthai’s live shows are not less impactful. We’d highly recommend catching him before he tears the world down with his devious grin. 

slowthai is set to play Vindfruen, Saturday at 4:40 pm.

- - -

Ezra Collective

The London Jazz quintet have, over the past few years, established themselves as a central beacon for the luscious London jazz scene. With sprawling diversity and a musical playfulness, the group has come to gain a recognition that, suitably so, also exceeded the usual geographical limitations of the genre.

Perhaps it’s their original approach to genres, or their electric live shows – either way, Ezra Collective is doing something very exciting and we can’t wait to witness it first hand.

Ezra Collective is set to play Vindfruen, Saturday at 6:20 pm.

- - -

ØYA Festival takes place in Oslo between August 6th - 10th.

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