Norwegian group tackle London venue...

Norwegian duo Lemaitre have spoken to Clash ahead of their headline show at Fabric.

Lemaitre only made their live debut earlier this year, but in that time the Norwegian duo have been able to take their funky, disco-infused house sound across the globe.

Playing countless shows, the pair have honed and refined their sound with each passing set. Returning to the UK, Lemaitre are set to play legendary London nightspot Fabric tomorrow night (November 20th).

Support comes from fellow Norwegian Fehrplay, while Parisian producer and remixer Monsier Adi completes the line up.

Tickets are on sale, but ahead of the show Clash were able to grab a quick chat with Lemaitre.

The duo opted to discuss their favourite live shows, reflecting on some special moments to complete a personal Top 10.

- - -

1. Odd Future at Hove festival, 2011
Hilarious and ridiculously energetic, even though Tyler was bound to a wheelchair.
2. The Roots at Sentrum Scene, Oslo, 2008
Best live band in the world.
3. Phoenix at Rockefeller, Oslo, 2009
Great live act and one of our all time favorite bands.
4. The XX at Hove Festival, 2012
Magical atmosphere at the Amfi Stage at Hove.
5. Empire of the Sun at Hove Festival, 2010
Huge theatrical production, and really fun show.
6. Feist at Øya Festival, Oslo, 2012
Awe inspiring voice live, and she was really rocking out. Amazing performer.
7. Black Keys at Øya Festival, 2012
Fantastically energetic show. Coolest part was when the backing band stepped off for a bit, and they performed as a duo.
8. The Strokes at Hove Festival 2011
So many great songs, and they were cool to see live even though they don't actually do that much on stage.
9. Big Boi at Hove Festival, 2011
Packed show at the mainstage, and got joined on stage by DJ Quick.
10. Røyksöpp at Slottsfjell Festival, 2011
Performed with the full band, had the capacity crowd in front of the main stage in the palm of their hands, and a surprise appearance by Karin Dreijer. Really great show!
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