Pretty Green Swear Against Fur Use

Liam Gallagher's label joins campaign...

Liam Gallagher's label Pretty Green has confirmed that it is to join PETA's list of fur free fashion brands.

Once a fashion staple, fur is now viewed with a certain degree of horror by many in the style world. More and more brands are swearing against its use, with some even going as far to make the inauthenticity of faux-fur on their garments explicitly clear.

Liam Gallagher's label Pretty Green has enjoyed enormous success since its inception in 2009, opening outlets around the country. Now the brand has decided to join the anti-fur campaign, signing up to PETA's list of fur-free designers.

Going further than this, the brand has confirmed that it has a no-fur policy and that it is now labelling any faux-fur trim on its garments.

"Only the truly arrogant can ignore the suffering of minks who go mad from being confined to small cages and foxes who chew off their own limbs to escape painful steel-jaw traps", says PETA's Senior Programme Manager Yvonne Taylor. "We are delighted to add Liam to the list of truly talented visionaries and trendsetters who are able to design stylish, fashionable and popular clothing without the use of fur."

Liam Gallagher, meanwhile, is back in the studio. Beady Eye have kicked off sessions on their second album, with famed American producer Dave Sitek overseeing the recording process. There's currently no timeline on the project, but the partnership has caused no end of speculation.

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