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Rooted in classic rock yet with an infectious, self-effacing sense of humour, Zeus caused a stir with debut album 'Say Us'.

Returning to their own Ill Eagle Studios in Toronto, the band began sessions on a potential new album last year.

Buoyed with confidence, Zeus have responded with some of their most mature, uplifting and engaging songwriting to date.

Set to be released on September 1st via So Recordings (with Arts & Crafts hosting the album in their native Canada) , 'Classic Zeus' is a true group effort.

All four members contribute, resulting in something which brims with character. But wait! There's more. During these sessions, Zeus decided to take a break by recording a version of a true R&B classic.

R Kelly's 'Ignition' is a karaoke staple, a party-starter the world over. Given an - apparently - straight faced treatment, the band manage to impact a little of their own style over the the R&B legend's strut.

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