Wonderfully glacial pop music...

Wyldest have a taste for wonderfully glacial pop music.

Elements of dream pop mingle with their electronic outlook, with the rising trio sculpting some fine, glamorous, evocative melodies.

New EP 'Dark Matter' is forthcoming, with the three-piece planning to play a special launch show at London venue Servants Jazz Quarters.

Zoe Mead's gorgeous vocals come to the fore on 'Wanders', a spectacularly engrossing slice of cinematic pop music.

The search-light guitar stream through the misty arrangement, while Mead imbues each note with incredible feeling. The vocalist explains:

"'Wanders' is about loss, transience and memory, themes that we all experience. Nothing lasts forever and everything should be enjoyed in the moment. It’s a song that can be interpreted in different ways; I hope everyone has their own personal experience with it."

Tune in below.

'Dark Matter' will be released on March 21st. Catch Wyldest at the following show: March 21 London Servants Jazz Quarters

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