From new album 'Ground Luminosity'
'Ground Luminosity' artwork

Brighton-based artist Will Samson knew he needed to shake things up.

A respect ambient composer, the electronic musician decided that he needed to push his music somewhere slightly different. Introducing more prominent percussion, new album 'Ground Luminosity' - out on October 30th - is more beat driven, more explicitly electronic.

Will Samson explains: “I felt that this is something that can get lost amongst quiet, ambient sets – so I wanted to explore this middle ground. Since drums were the only instrument I had lessons for, I would spend many endless hours editing the tiniest little details of clicks and thumps, which became an almost zen-like process.”

Clash is able to premiere 'Pyrton Bells' and there's a terrific sense of stillness at the centre of the production. Wisps of vocals swirl around, with the rumble of percussion lending renewed intensity to the work.

Check it out now.

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