A cathartic statement from the Brooklyn producer...

Wild Kid's 'Scream Tape' is intended to expel negative emotions, a stream (or it that 'scream'?) of consciousness from the Brooklyn producer.

Completed across a frenetic 90 day period of producing music, it fuses film dialogue with some enthralling electronic feats.

Six tracks designed to be listen to from front-to-back, it distils some heavy emotions into something outwardly entrancing.

Final track 'Blocked Range (Savannah)' is an anime sampling slice of electronic futurism, fusing club tropes to complete a personal statement.

He comments: "'Blocked Range' is the last track I wrote for the record. I think it’s also the most uplifting one; the whole tape is about reckoning with deep negativity and difficult emotions, so this track represents emerging on the other side of that, better for the journey. It’s catharsis."

Tune in now.

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