New sounds from The Prodigy’s Maxim, to make your eardrums pop...
We Are Noize

Word has it that The Prodigy are hard at work on a follow-up to their rather excellently received ‘Invaders Must Die’ album of 2009. The provisional title ‘How To Steal A Jet Fighter’ has circulated – and you can colour Clash excited to hear what the British dance legends have in store.

Meantime, here’s something all shiny and new from one-third of the group, plus some friends. Maxim (Reality, aka Keith Palmer) has ‘gone solo’ before, issuing two LPs outside of The Prodigy’s catalogue: 2000’s ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ and 2005’s ‘Fallen Angel’. And now he’s working with “a group of likeminded collaborators” on We Are Noize. Wanna know more? Sure. 

“We Are Noize is a new musical project featuring Maxim of The Prodigy and a group of like minded collaborators, smashing the boundaries of their own sonic universe. A group of friends who all share the same passion for music. Whether it’s experimental, or a sound that just doesn’t follow trends, they realised that they all had the same vision – to write and produce good music. A unique collective created to make music outside the norm, We Are Noize has become the latest side project in a fresh direction for Maxim while staying fiercely committed to his roots as Prodigy frontman.”

SOUNDS GOOD, RIGHT? You betcha. Wrap your listening gear around this first slice of We Are Noize, erm, noise. ‘Bad Gyal’ is guaranteed to get your brain bumping about that bonce of yours…

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