Premiere: Wake Island – ‘Sentimental Animal’

Taken from new EP 'Sentimental Animal'...

Wake Island hail from Montreal, a city with a feverish creative network.

A duo open to all possibilities, their cerebral approach is offset by a commitment to emotional impact.

New EP 'Sentimental Animals' is incoming, and it finds the two making a brave, lucid entrance into fresh areas.

Out on April 15th, Clash is able to premiere 'Sentimental Animal' – singular – and it is a determined effort to embrace "a savage state".

A response to these troubled times, it's a fascinating piece of work. Philippe Manasseh explains:

"I've been thinking a lot lately of how far we've gone as a species from our animal nature. I crave it more and more, the animal side of being human. We're over-thinking everything, and getting into minutia of things, all the while forgetting that at the end of the day, we are part of nature and that nature is chaos and beauty and violence. Not that we need to revert to a savage state, but I think that embracing chaos a little bit more can make us more happy and fulfilled."

"We have to resist the urge to intellectualise everything and rely on our feelings and instincts from time to time. This can be very helpful in today's political and social climates, where everyone is being scrutinized and judged and censored."

Tune in now.

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