Featuring Jeremiah Meece of The-Drum...

Chicago's The-Drum can't be defined by any one sound.

Sure, there's perhaps most feted for their hazy, left field R&B approach - think beats for Dre Green, Jody - but the two continually explore.

The group's Jeremiah Meece has worked extensively outwith the duo, recently launching collaborative project VALIS.

Much more in keeping with, say, cold wave of Italo Disco than his work with The-Drum, there's still a slow, slumbering hip hop reference at work.

Debut single 'Schadenfreude' arrived online a few weeks, a bundle of left field electronic melodies and ghost-like production.

VALIS is set to unveil its debut album 'The Demolished Man' later this year, with Clash able to premiere new cut 'Humidity'. There's a proto-techno sensibility going on, with the stuttering Kraftwerk rhythm reminiscent of Model 500's more dystopian scenes.

Yet the machine funk shines through, while the pop tones in the vocal are sheer Bernard Sumner.

Check it out now.

Pre-order 'The Demolished Man' HERE.

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