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Turbo Fruits

Turbo Fruits have always been a party band.

Typical subject matter would include girls, hitting the road and frying their brains on illicit substances. Torn and tattered acid punk with a heart of gold, the group began plotting their fourth album last year - but baulked at their label's suggestion to employ, y'know, professionals.

So they did it themselves. Thus began a period of soul searching for Turbo Fruits, resulting in some of their best songwriting to date: bittersweet vignettes that seem to linger on the hour when the party is over and it's time to go home.

With finances running low, superfan Patrick Carney (of Black Keys fame) stepped in to offer assistance. The drummer produced a handful of tracks, steering new album 'No Control' to completion.

Due out on April 20th, Clash is able to premiere 'No Reason To Stay'. Reminiscent of early Walkmen or aspects of Cheap Trick, the Patrick Carney production favours the band's live crunch.

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