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A classic sound with a twist.

Triptides began as a bedroom project, with Glenn Brigman (guitar/vocals) and Josh Menashe (guitar/vocals) swapping ideas. Since then, though, the band has grown, shifted and evolved, taking on a life of its own in the process.

Now a fully fledged quartet, Triptides released debut album 'Sun Pavilion' last year. Named after their base, studio and all round place of seclusion, it displayed plenty of promise but felt more like a starting point than a destination.

Follow up 'Predictions' though, is much more confident. Seeming to completely grasp how to use the studio as an instrument, Triptides sluice together garage-punk, elements of psych and 60s West Coast pop.

Yet this isn't some retro experiment. 'Predictions' is imbued with a real sense of character, with Triptides able to impact their own identity onto their influences.

Out on November 4th, Clash readers will be able to listen to 'Predictions' before anyone else.

Check it out below.

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