Somewhere between Arthur Russell and Hot Chip...
Tree House

Tree House is the current iteration of Will Fortna's ongoing imaginative queries.

An American-born but London-based talent, his eclectic pop naiveties seem to sit somewhere between Arthur Russell and Hot Chip.

New EP 'Into The Ocean' is out now, and it's a curious return, both hopelessly infectious and oddly unknowable.

Clash is able to premiere new song 'Nonsense', and it pits those gently revolving chords of electric piano against that sighing delivery.

Apparently built around elements of Fela Kuti's music, it feels dappled with the first rays of the morning sun.

Tree House explains: "I started writing it in the morning, and the lyrics are addressed to the morning itself. Every day we unconsciously reconfigure ourselves to the systems that we live within – be they market capitalism, party politics, or alienated urban life."

"These absurd impersonal systems tend to hem us in and limit our humanity, but it’s important to remember that these things are contingent. I guess this song is just a recognition of that and an attempt to temporarily extricate myself from those complacencies."

Tune in now.

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