Hear ‘Join The Dots’ reworked quite splendidly…
TOY - Join The dots

We’ve long been fans of London psychedelic outfit TOY here at Clash, but one thing always bugged us: why can’t we have more of this?

Well, remixer Leo Zero (Facebook) evidently heard us, as he’s transformed the title-track from the five-piece’s second album, ‘Join The Dots’, into an incessantly pulsating, senses-pricking, euphoria-peaking 13-minute monster – something like we imagine LCD Soundsystem remixing Liars might’ve sounded like. (Did it? Did it not? We don’t know of any LCD Liars remix, but gosh would we be into hearing one.)

‘Join The Dots’, the album, is released via Heavenly on December 9th. You can hear the regular version of this song elsewhere on Clash – here, indeed. Click there, too, for full album tracklisting and live information.

The Leo Zero remix: yours to wig out to, below…

Pre-order 'Join The Dots' here.

Get more TOY at the band’s official website

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