Enticing Icelandic electronics...

Iceland can – at times – feel like the end of the world.

The island's incredible geography certainly helps with this feeling of isolation, a feeling of escaping the requirements of modern life.

Tonik Ensemble is an Icelandic project, based around Anton Kaldal Ágústsson. Blurring styles, disciplines, the group shift between glitchy electronics and neo-classical styles, fusing digital abandon with analogue restrictions.

New album 'Snapshots' is forthcoming, but Clash is able to preview sample track 'Imprints'. Soothing fare, there's a feeling that Tonik Ensemble are able to easily escape artistic restrictions and this shows in the joyous experimentation in their music.

Parallels could include certain Erased Tapes artists, but really Tonik Ensemble are working in a field of their own.

Check out 'Imprints' below.

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