Ahead of their Islington Assembly Hall show...
The Wave Pictures

No matter their influences, their intentions, The Wave Pictures always end up sounding like... well, The Wave Pictures.

Yet this isn't to say that the group are one dimensional. Far from it: all manner of sounds, of styles are sluiced through their unique songwriting vision.

New album 'City Forgiveness' was a typically broad statement, with The Wave Pictures taking renewed risks. 'Missoula' is a case in point.

Sure, it's a driving, self-deprecating piece of indie pop but take a look at that rootsy chord sequence - that could come straight out of John Fogerty's songbook, a Creedence Clearwater Revival riff clad in a neat fisherman's jumper.

The video for the track was shot by Darren Hayman (one time Hefner lynchpin, now all round hero) and features numerous visual puns.

Located in the woods, the band are surrounded by old pairs of glasses, while singer David Tattersall croons into the camera.

Watch it now.

The Wave Pictures' new album 'City Forgiveness' is out now. The band have confirmed the following show:

18 London Islington Assembly Hall

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