Premiere: The Magnettes – ‘Renegades’

A celebration of the outsider...

The Magnettes grew up in one of Sweden's most remote regions.

The trio came of age in Pajala, a Northern town where residents tend to speak Meänkieli – a rare and endangered language.

This perhaps contributes to the group's love of the outsider. The Magnettes want you to be yourself, and this is evident in every note of every song on new album 'Ugly Youth'.

Clash is able to premiere new call to arms 'Renegades', a quietly anthemic piece that recalls their adolescent mis-adventures while looking defiantly towards the future.

The Magnettes: "This is about getting bruised up on one of those Northern summer nights when the sun never goes down. Vittula, mentioned in the second verse, is the traditional name of a part of Pajala where people had lots of babies. The literal translation of it is The Pussy Moor'."

Tune in now.

'Ugly Youth' will be released on June 30th.

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