Whimsically bittersweet indie pop...
The Hayman Kupa Band

Ah, the many and varied adventures of Darren Hayman...

A one-man indie pop cottage industry, the songwriter's lengthy and wildly creative catalogue contains many gems, many moments of splendour.

New project The Hayman Kupa Band, however, stands out against the jewels in his crown.

A series of duets with Emma Kupa (from Standard Fare/MammothPenguins), the pair's intersect and intertwine to provide real intimacy to the material.

Out shortly - pre-order LINK - Clash is able to tease the release.

New cut 'Over's Now Overdue' is a splendid dollop of power pop, with the ramshackle vibes supplying an exuberant feel to the recording.

Tune in now.

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