A wonderful collaboration...

A few days ago flau records got in touch with Clash, sending over their latest releases.

One immediately stuck out - a full collaboration between The Future Eve and legendary English vocalist Robert Wyatt.

Now, Robert Wyatt retired around 2014 - “I thought, train drivers retire when they’re 65, so I will, as well” - so this makes something of a coup for the electronic musician.

The Future Eve is the latest iteration of the creative genius of Japanese producer Th, known for his minimalist, synthesized pieces under the moniker Tomo Akikawabaya, working with some close collaborators.

New album 'KiTsuNe / Brian The Fox' is out shortly, and sessions actually began back in 1999, when Robert Wyatt sent a DAT tape to the producer.

Featuring some unused and largely unheard music, it caught the attention of the musicians behind The Future Eve.

Wyatt explains:

"towards the end of the 20th century, Th sent me a message asking something like;
"do you have any piece of new material we could work on"-----?
I did have. Brian the Fox was an un-placed,
un-worked basic idea I had.
unusual for me in that it had no strict tempo, and the words were an attempt to write a text even shorter than a Haiku!
(I just recorded it directly onto tape at home, on cassette, no 'production'.)
the music ending was improvised – the delay before the final chords was me trying to choose the final few chords…
I sent this to Th and Rinko.
they have enhanced the idea beautifully."

'KiTsuNe / Brian The Fox' lands on March 22nd, and it finds The Future Eve absorbing these ideas and pursuing them across two discs. Informed by grief, the idea of reincarnation, and the various formats used during this process, the full album is a remarkable experience.

"The tape itself and the time Mr. Wyatt spent in his room working is the prototype (substance) of this work," Th says. "I have decided that the thought of this time, and the space where it was created, is the concept of this production."

We're able to share '01.01' - the opening segment of the project, it's an incredible piece of work.

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