Tessa Rae
Crisp pop that strives towards the future...

Sometimes music comes quickly - at others, it takes a little longer.

Tessa Rae was stuck on this one idea for an age, before the introduction of some friends helped to open new pathways.

New single 'Footsteps' is the result. Featuring Brando, it's a crisp, stylish piece of future-driven pop music, all glossy melody and chrome-finish production.

Tessa explains: "I’d been trying to write to this beat for a while but got stuck mid way through the process. My producer invited his best friend, Brando, over to to write with me and as soon as he heard the track he came up with the hook. From there the song took on its full form."

A song "about missing someone you love but letting your pride come between you and that relationship" it's clearly a case of music representing the fears in Tessa Rae's own life.

She continues: "The song follows the thought process of two people coming to terms with the fact that they want the love they once had back. We travel back and forth through time as they reminisce on the times they had together, both the good and the bad, and are left in the end without a clear ending."

"We’ve all heard the saying, art imitates life. I think the uncertainty at the end of the song relates so well to the reality of an on and off again love."

Tune in now.

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