Fantastic, otherworldly psychedelia...

Psychedelia is - in essence - the sound of rock embracing technology, of boundaries both aesthetic and personal being bulldozed.

With technology in a continual state of flux, the sounds of psychedelia have once again come to the fore. Tame Impala have broken through to the mainstream, while the likes of Teleman, GOAT, The Black Angels and TOY have all brought their head-swimming, other-worldly sounds to wider attention.

Temples, though, could well eclipse the lot. Signed to Heavenly, their golden run of singles to date matches bizarre, conscious-melting sounds to an astute pop touch which allows them to condense their ambitions into pitch-perfect three-minute nuggets of wax.

New single 'Mesmerise' is out this week, ahead of Temples' debut album 'Sun Structures' which drops on February 10th. Toasting the occasion, the band have invited a genuine cosmonaut of inner space to peel apart their latest offering.

Richard Norris is a gigantic figure in British psychedelia, with his work as a journalist, compiler, musician and producer helping to keep the flame blazing. Turning 'Mesmerise' into a lengthy, Eastern-tinged meditation, Norris' re-work under his Time & Space Machine guise is more of a re-build, a re-invention than a mere remix.

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