Josh Eustis returns...
Sons Of Magdalene

The cruel death of Charles Cooper halted Telefon Tel Aviv in their tracks, leaving a void in American music.

Since then, remaining member Josh Eustis has worked with Nine Inch Nails, applying his talent for dark electronics on a grand scale. Now using the Sons Of Magdalene moniker, the producer is ready to return to a solo guise.

Working with stateside label Audraglint Recordings, new album ‘Move To Pain’ will be released on June 24th. The return of a highly inventive voice, the record finds Eustis returning to his synth noir vision – essentially cold wave before the term was coined.

Indebted to Depeche Mode and other pioneers, it’s a record flooded with frozen atmospherics. New cut ‘Can’t Won’t Don’t Want To’ is the sound of refusal, of carving out identity through negation.

Check it out now.

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